Our masters are professionals in their field, so they treat your health very carefully.

With us you can relax and not worry about safety. The tools undergo 4-stage disinfection – so relax and feel free to choose the color for your next manicure💜

The process of instrument sterilization

At the first stage, we place the tool in a container or in an ultrasonic cleaner with water and a diluted disinfectant solution.
During this procedure, most harmful microbes and bacteria are removed from the surface of the instruments. However, this method does not get rid of fungi and some viruses. For example, the hepatitis B virus can survive short-term disinfection, so the tool processing process cannot be completed at this point.


After the tool has been disinfected in the solution, it must be cleaned of impurities under running water. At this stage, pieces of epithelium, nail dust and remnants of cosmetics are also removed. The instrument is washed under running water with a stiff brush.

The last stage is instrument sterilization. Sterilization allows you to finally clean the instrument from all microorganisms (such as fungi, viruses, etc.) that may remain on the surface and inside after disinfection. We use a dry oven.